The human resource both intellectual and physical is biggest producer of goods and services that sustain humans, wildlife, plants and environment. Every person who applies their human resource wants each day to achieve their rights and happiness.

TimeKazi Offers the Following to Employees:

  • Human Resource Application and Rights Solutions
  • Match to Best Work Trained For
  • Human Safety and Emergency
  • Drugs and Alcohol Management
  • Recruiting Assessment and Continuous Evaluation

  • Job Entry Assessment and Continuous Evaluation

    To match one to the right job a basic or detailed job entry assessment will be done.

  • Safety and Emergency
  • MS Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
  • Math
  • Production Basics
  • Warehouse Basics
  • Driving
  • Time Management
  • Recording
  • Physical
  • Clothing and Wear
  • Driving
  • Equipment Operation
  • Employees may also be required to undergo orientation and pre-training job programs by the Employers.

    All jobs in the global market applicable.